Training Services

Chain of responsibility training

Our chain of responsibility training gives an overview of CoR legislation in Australia and addresses the following issues:

  • the parties in the chain of responsibility
  • ‘primary duties’ and the meaning of ‘reasonably practicable’
  • the due diligence obligations of directors and executive officers
  • compliance systems
  • penalties and enforcement options
  • dealing with regulators

This training can be tailored for directors and high level management, for compliance officers or for companies in the supply chain. We customise our training to meet your needs and can deliver this program to meet your objectives and at your premises.  The training can be delivered in an interactive workshop format if required.

Contract training

We provide training on contract review and negotiation for transport operators and their advisors. This training targets transport and warehousing contracts and commonly encountered issues with these contracts. The program includes a workshop session using an example contract. Participants are also provided with a checklist to assist in the future review of contracts. The training can be provided at our offices or a location of your choice.

Director/executive officer course

We offer a one day course designed to educate directors and executive officers (and potential directors and executive officers) on their duties and responsibilities, with particular emphasis on areas that affect transport and logistics businesses such as chain of responsibility, environmental legislation and competition and consumer law. 

This course can be delivered ‘in house’ at your premises or ours and is also regularly offered in capital cities across Australia. Please contact us if you would like to be notified about our next course dates. 

To see our current course dates, visit:

Other training

In addition to the training outlined above, we offer a series of regular seminars and webinars designed to assist transport and warehousing operators to stay on top of changes to legislation. If you would like to receive invitations to these events, please register here: [email protected]

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